Custom Rail Products

Solving your problems — from concept to finished part

Many of our specialty products are manufactured or machined to help our customers with a specific need. As we started to provide other solutions to the industry, we expanded our product offerings, and continue to do so. Everything we make adheres to our high standards of quality and durability, using superior materials and machining techniques.

Need to replace a bent, broken, or worn out part?

We can reverse engineer and recreate a part from the original, or create something new per your specifications. Custom rail products that we also supply include:

PROLITE™ Signal Housing

The perfect answer to the installation, rust, and corrosion problems associated with metal signal housings.

Rail Curving

Whether it’s a turntable, transit project with pre-curved rail, custom-machined spacer blocks, or guard rail, we can help you with rail bending and pre-curved rail. 

Tie Extension Kits

Many passenger rail switch machines fail due to heavy vibration and unstable concrete ties. Our tie extension brackets incorporate Fabreeka anti-vibration pads and a rugged mounting plate for a smooth and sturdy mounting surface, stabilizing the switch machines to reduce on-track failures and minimize repair outages.

Bond Box Covers

Traditional bond box gaskets are made of rope, which is susceptible to weather and chemical wear. Our polycarbonate gaskets offer a weather- and chemical-resistant replacement and are maintenance-free. They come complete with hardware for mounting.

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