A Track Record of Innovation

Since 1986, CMI-Promex has served the rail industry with RIDEX® Miter Rails for Movable Bridges, RIDEX® Rail Expansion Joints, RIDEX® Embedded Rail Expansion Joints, and more. Our patented RIDEX® products are the standard throughout the rail industry.

Our railroad business began with the RIDEX® Miter Rail for Movable Bridges. As more miles were built, we found opportunities to increase our presence within the rail industry. We created partnerships within the industry and provided solutions for the railroad bridge and track departments that are now the standards in the rail industry across the country.

Whether you’re in need of a RIDEX® system, expansion joints, or a replacement part, CMI-Promex delivers in weeks, not months. Our RIDEX® products allow for individual parts to be replaced when they wear out, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Solutions for the Future of Rail

We’re always looking for the next big thing that can give us an edge — whether it’s creating new rail products, reverse engineering old parts, or expertly machining custom designs. Contact us today, and see how we can help keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Our Five-Star Standard

Superior Lead Times

We understand that every minute counts when it comes to railways.
That’s why we have the fastest lead times in the industry.

Seamless Installations

Our custom-built products allow you to drop rails and expansion joints into place quickly, and our expert team will be onsite to assist with the installation. 

Fast Replacement

With our RIDEX® Miter Rails and Expansion Joints, you don’t have to replace an entire system when one part wears out. Simply order a replacement part — you’ll receive it quickly, and it can be installed, with minimal track outage time.

Competitive Pricing

As a valued customer, we are pleased to give you our custom rail products, quick delivery time, and installation support, at cost-effective prices to meet your budget needs.

Complete Support

We offer in-person on-site support to make sure your installation is quick and seamless, and 24/7 phone support for any questions or ordering requests you may have.

International Shipping

We are happy to meet your rail and trackwork needs worldwide, with global product availability.

Contact Us

For more information about any of our products,
call us at (800) 381-5808 or reach out via email.