PROLITE™ Signal Housings

CMI-Promex, Inc.'s PROLITE™ signal housings are the perfect answer to the installation, rust, and corrosion problems associated with metal signal housings.

The Housing Material

The PROLITE™ signal housings are produced from Lexan®: a durable polycarbonate that is non-conductive, flame retardant, corrosion and weatherproof, and UV resistant. Lexan® also provides high impact resistance and extremely high temperature tolerances for both heat and cold.

As Lexan® is lighter than steel, the signal housings are easier to install and maintain. Transit signal housings can be pole, ground, or wall mounted. Railroad housings adapt to standard mounting hardware and come in standard railroad signal housing shapes and sizes.

The Light Source

PROLITE™ signals use light emitting diodes (LED), making the signals maintenance-free for a decade or more, and offering significant long-term cost savings. A complete custom line of lights is available, including multi-aspect lighting and low-profile lighting options. The signals can be designed with or without hoods, and in any signaling configuration required.


Transit Signal
Switch Position Indicator
Railroad Signal Housing
PROLITE Transit Signal Drawing PROLITE Switch Position Indicator Drawing PROLITE Signal Housing Drawing


For photos of available styles, please see our Gallery of PROLITE™ projects and installations.

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