CMI-Promex, Inc. offers a full catalog of rail products noted for their precision, strength, durability, and ease of maintenance:

RIDEX® Miter Rails for Moveable Bridges
The RIDEX® miter rail system is perfect for all your moveable bridges: vertical lift bridges, single and double leaf bascules, and swing bridges.

RIDEX® Rail Expansion Joints
RIDEX® rail expansion joints are available for both standard and embedded track, and are capable of 4-6 inches of expansion.

Curved Rail Expansion Joints
Our curved rail expansion joints offer 12-15 inches of expansion, and are available for both standard and direct fixation.

PROLITE™ Signal Housings
CMI-Promex, Inc.’s PROLITE™ signal housings are the perfect answer to the installation, rust, and corrosion problems associated with metal signal housings.

Other/Custom Rail Products

CMI-Promex, Inc. is your source for switch rods, compromise joints, contact rail end approaches, bolted crossing diamonds, and more.

CMI-Promex, Inc. also offers the following non-rail products, originally developed by Craft Machine:

Multiple Inoculator, a.k.a. Steer’s Replicator

Sure-Edge Sharpeners


The CMI-Promex, Inc. Five-Star Standard

Custom-machined systems to meet your exact design specifications.

  • Superior lead times that keep your business moving forward – fast.
  • Seamless installations with no back-end adjustments required.
  • Cost-effective maintenance to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Immediate response for all your questions and replacement needs.  

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