Lift Mechanicals

How to Order Replacement Lift Mechanicals:

1. Refer to the drawing package you received when you purchased your lift mechanical assembly. If you cannot locate your drawing package, simply call us at 1-800-381-5808 and we will send you a new digital copy free of charge.

2. Determine whether you need an entire assembly, or a specific part within an assembly. Be aware that in your drawing package there are two types of numbers: each assembly has a number, and each part within the assembly has a number. Be sure to specify whether you want the entire assembly, or a single part.

For example, assume that you have to replace a part in the section noted "400" below.

Lift Mechanical Replacement Image



You would then go to the table in your drawing package and look at the “400” section, which would look something like this:

 Lift Mechanicals Replacement Chart Image


If you need the entire assembly, you would request item 400. You would then receive parts 401-408, as the table notes above (“400 consists of 401-408”).

However, if you only require a threaded rod, you would request part 405 alone.

Call us at 1-800-381-5808 or complete our online quote request form to request your replacement lift mechanical part.